April 16, 2018

Waxing PoENTic

A couple of weeks ago, I inadvertently was reminded of outstanding parental fears.  In reality, I suppose it was more falling subject to current parental fears while being reminded of carry overs from early parenthood.

Several months ago (6-7 maybe?) Killian mentioned that he was having difficulty hearing out of his right ear.  He said the sounds were muffled.  Due to my own childhood, teen and early adult experience, I presumed that it was likely wax build up and tried using some wax softener (Debrox) and a water flushing kit from the drug store.  It proved to be ineffective so within the next day or two I took him to the pediatrician to get it checked out.  The pediatrician noticed a little fluid behind the eardrum and said that it was likely due to some sinus congestion type symptoms Killian was otherwise experiencing and said it would likely dissipate with that.

Fast forward a few months and Killian says that he's having similar troubles with his left ear and that it sounds like things are underwater.  This time, he involuntarily demonstrates the impedance by way of not responding when I'm talking to him and he can't see me.  Cue concerned dad mode.  I again get him to the pediatrician to have it checked out the next day after trying another ineffective round of Debrox only to have the pediatrician repeat the same diagnosis.  Killian explained that the right hear was still troublesome as well (news to me) so the pediatrician referred us to an ENT specialist.

This was the Thursday before Good Friday and, consequently, Easter weekend so the earliest available appointment was the following Tuesday.  As now more concerned dad, I called all ENT specialists in the surrounding cities as I wanted to drive from that pediatrician appointment straight to the ENT now that I know there is enough concern for the referral.  Cue weekend of quiet panic.

At this point, I'm internally processing all possible causes and diagnoses as well as blaming myself for any potential bad parenting which could lead to hearing loss.  The pediatrician tested him to be at about a 40 decibel reduction in both ears.  It was restless sleep for me for several nights even though Killian seemed otherwise unimpeded.  No obvious or stated physical discomfort other than the hearing loss.

The day before the ENT appointment, Killian conjured up flu symptoms (mild fever, significant fatigue, decreased appetite, runny nose, sneezing, cough, etc.).  This on the heels of both me and Emily having just wrapped up cases of flu type B only a week before.  As a result, I was pretty confident he was coming down with it as well but was not going to miss the appointment on the following day regardless.  So, I wrapped his face in a surgical mask and got him to the appointment the next day.  Fortunately he was feeling a reasonable degree better but I wanted to diminish the risk to the ENT staff and other patients by at least covering his coughing & sneezing.  Still, I was working through how I was going to place a call to the pediatrician after this appointment to have him tested so maybe we could introduce Tamiflu earlier and minimize his flu as much as possible.

After 15 minutes of relentless new patient paperwork (a topic for a whole other post - why are we still filling out physical paperwork for this?!?), we were called back to the room promptly and the ENT doc arrived shortly afterward.  After a quick look in Kilian's ears he stated that there was a significant build up of wax and that he'd get it vacuumed out and figure out where we stand when he can see the inner ear.  That gave me an immediate sense of relief in that at least there was an obvious and approachable obstruction versus the mystery left dangling at the pediatrician.

He took us to the room next door which had a microscope (giant magnifying glass on an arm) where he could see better for the wax removal.  He stuck a small metal funnel into Killian's right ear and began vacuuming with a small tool that looks very similar to the water dispensing spray device at the dentist's office.  Once he completed work on the right ear he moved over and repeated in the left.  After it was done he said that things looked pretty good and normal but that they would give Killian a full hearing test to be sure.  Cue *very* relieved dad.

After standing up from the table where he was having his ears vacuumed, Killian said "Dad, I think I got it back!" while snapping his fingers together on each side of his head and smiling widely.  It was at this point that even deeper guilt set in that I hadn't noticed the decrease in his hearing that me must have been enduring for months.  Still, I was very excited to see that there was immediate improvement.  As we sat down to wait for the hearing test he exclaimed "I can hear by pants scraping against the seat!"

For the hearing test, they placed him into a sound proof room and proceeded to play a mix of sounds and spoken words asking him to respond when he heard or repeat back the words at varying volumes.  When complete, he came out with all hearing in normal ranges.  Whew!

A couple of interesting things came from this experience.  One was a sense of justification and relief in having my initial suspicion identified as the actual cause of the hearing loss.  A related other was a sense of frustration that the pediatrician couldn't recognize simple wax build up.  The ENT said that he thought maybe the pediatrician was misidentifying a change in the wax color for the eardrum but it still shakes my confidence in the pediatrician.  Another is a recognition that I am terrified of having my child lose his hearing or sight.  That's obviously atypical for any parent but I was a little surprised at how prevalent the worry was for me before I knew the cause.

This is the outstanding fears I spoke of at the beginning.  I recall worrying so much during pregnancy, birth and the first few months of Killian's life that he would be impaired by some birth defect.  I realize now that I assumed I had moved past some of those fears in at least some way as he has moved through development stages but they are apparently lurking just out of consciousness ready to rear back at the smallest sign of threat.

Anyway, I am very relieved to say that he is doing great and his hearing is back to normal.  It is interesting where the brain will go when given the opportunity.

April 02, 2018

Tweets May 17, 2014 through February 24, 2018

Yet another attempt to grab my tweets over time.  Twitter doesn't seem to have an export feature that I can find so here they are in a rudimentary copy/paste format that retains none of the pictures, links, or good indications of what is a retweet.  So, to read them in earnest, you're better served to view my twitter account.

Feb 24
Decided to try somewhere new for dinner date. Chose Ajisai in Raleigh based on good ratings. Been seated for 25 mins. Still no drinks. Just placed food order. 😡

Feb 15
Magical geometry

Jan 13
http://s.ndemiccreations.com/plague/i/9600c25b6f23981f2ef8f3c75087ea9ed84479a2 …

17 Dec 2017
Plot twist: 2017 was about me all along. https://www.xbox.com/en-us/live/year-in-review/share?id=4f7607e6-0964-4198-92dc-0b7625980ea0 … #XboxYearInReview

16 Dec 2017
Check out this giveaway from @VRHeadsTweets! You can win a PlayStation VR DOOM VFR Bundle!

29 Nov 2017

RT for a chance to win a custom #Cuphead [E] #XboxOneS and LP set. NoPurchNec. Ends 12/6/17. #XboxSweepstakes rules: http://bit.ly/2AHwnyr

19 Nov 2017

Just found out about “Informed Delivery” from USPS due to some mail theft reports in our area. Pretty cool concept. Sends you pictures of mail you are due to receive on a given day. Check it out if so inspired:

http://faq.usps.com/?articleId=1449159866675 …

11 Nov 2017

Stranger Things season 2 has validated my suspicion that Three Musketeers candy bar is basically fuel for evil.

7 Nov 2017

There is nothing I could ever say in 280 characters that's better than this.

30 Oct 2017

Follow & RT For a Chance to Win a Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition 1TB Console. Ends Nov. 7th at 9PM ET. http://ow.ly/5xzu30gaYK1

20 Oct 2017

I just entered to win King & Queendomino from @BlueOrangeGames and @etboardgames!

19 Oct 2017

Good recommendation @NewWombat & @CheapyD American Vandal (2017– )

31 Oct 2016

Just ordered @PapaJohns! Use promo code PAPATRACK for 25% off your next regular menu price order. US/Online Only. #PizzaMood

17 Sep 2017

Breakaway Rider https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/923/breakaway-rider … #tbgt

17 Sep 2017

Finished off last night with Times Up Title Recall https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/36553/times-title-recall … #tbgt

17 Sep 2017

Tortuga 1667 https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/218530/tortuga-1667 … #tbgt

17 Sep 2017

Captain Sonar https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/171131/captain-sonar … #tbgt

17 Sep 2017

Flick 'em Up: Giant Edition https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/232880/flick-em-giant-edition … #tbgt

16 Sep 2017

Flaschenteufel The Bottle Imp https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/619/bottle-imp … #tbgt

16 Sep 2017

At the Gates of Loyang https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/39683/gates-loyang … #tbgt

16 Sep 2017

Trivia by Gee then continuation of The 7th Continent #tbgt

15 Sep 2017

Tortuga 1667 https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/218530/tortuga-1667 … #tbgt

15 Sep 2017

Sawgrada https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/199561/sagrada … #tbgt

15 Sep 2017

Delve https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/217894/delve … #tbgt

15 Sep 2017

Roll Player https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/169426/roll-player … #tbgt

14 Sep 2017

Clank! Sunken Treasures https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgameexpansion/218103/clank-sunken-treasures … #tbgt

14 Sep 2017

Sea of Clouds https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/189052/sea-clouds … #tbgt

14 Sep 2017

Santorini https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/194655/santorini … #tbgt

14 Sep 2017

Dice Forge again. #tbgt

14 Sep 2017

Too Many Bones https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/192135/too-many-bones … #tbgt

14 Sep 2017

Dice Forge https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/194594/dice-forge … #tbgt

13 Sep 2017

Team Play https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/181329/team-play … #tbgt

13 Sep 2017

The 7th Continent https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/180263/7th-continent … #tbgt

13 Sep 2017

Kingdomino https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/204583/kingdomino … #tbgt

13 Sep 2017

.@whichwich @getStealz

13 Sep 2017

Tiny Epic Quest #tbgt

12 Sep 2017

Game 1 = Formule De #tbgt

6 Aug 2017

.@whichwich @getStealz

1 Aug 2017

When Rasheed Wallace got ejected for looking at a ref
 Basketball Videos™

26 Jun 2017
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Always looking for good couch co-op. added,

Electronic Arts
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An adventure tailored for couch or online co-op.

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1 Jun 2017

We're giving away two codes for 12-months of #XboxGamePass! Follow @XboxAmbassadors & RT this Tweet to enter to #WIN! #AmbassadorGiveaway

11 May 2017

Very proud of Killian. He crushed it at the Spring band concert tonight.

7 May 2017

I finished the S-TOWN podcast this weekend. Very much worth a listen. I highly recommend it. Thanks to @CheapyD.

6 May 2017

Just saw a sign on the side of the road for a Moving Sale with a single address on it. Sounds more like a Stationary Sale to me.

5 May 2017

Colin came back from a restaurant bathroom giggling only to tell us that "Shake It Off" was playing on the speakers in there. 😄

4 May 2017

Anybody used Amazon installation services?  Buying a kitchen faucet and pondering that path.

3 May 2017

Anybody have a garage door opener brand to recommend?  Preference for smart app/remote control capability.

22 Mar 2017

The world may be going to shit. But at least we have this, friends:

20 Mar 2017

Xbox One Games Sale via Xbox Live. http://ow.ly/CmXS30a63JS

19 Mar 2017

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare (PS4) $19.17 via Amazon (Prime Eligible). http://ow.ly/Xemr30a3d3s

5 Mar 2017

Watch Dogs 2 (PS4/X1) $29.99 (GCU $23.99) via Best Buy. http://ow.ly/DPdC309AWVc

19 Feb 2017

Haircut time for Colin @SportClips @getStealz

17 Feb 2017

.@Goodberrys @getStealz

2 Jan 2017

Dinner at the Flying Burrito.  @OFBRaleigh @getstealz

28 Dec 2016

I am hesitant to share this.

28 Dec 2016

Dinner with dad, aunt, kids, wife, mother-in-law & buddy.  @MiltonsPizza @getstealz

27 Nov 2016

Time for an important annual safety reminder. Always be prepared.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mTWfqi3-3qU&sns=tw … via @youtube

10 Nov 2016

Follow & RT For a Chance to Win a PS4 Pro System. Ends 11/17 at 9PM ET. http://ow.ly/IDNk30632V8

4 Oct 2016

LIVE on #Periscope

3 Oct 2016

Pretty sky tonight. @ Raleigh, North Carolina https://www.instagram.com/p/BLHmMjihTRvDPXpwOeQ1-kQUcCDfOR1MLcgNTI0/ …

28 Sep 2016

.@SportClips @getstealz

26 Sep 2016

A worthwhile, in my opinion, effort kicked off by a friend of mine. Give it a look/try if you are so inclined...

17 Sep 2016

LIVE on #Periscope: TBGT 13

16 Sep 2016

LIVE on #Periscope

13 Sep 2016

TBGT 13 setup night and a game of Las Vegas #tbgt

29 Aug 2016

Lunch points  @whichwich @getstealz

21 Aug 2016

.@TacoBell @getstealz

4 Aug 2016

I haven't played on iPhone yet but I'm excited for it.  The iPad game is really good.

3 Aug 2016

Dinner time! @OFBRaleigh @getstealz

1 Aug 2016

Not everyone was excited for early morning photographs but we have… https://www.instagram.com/p/BIkHtbEBhfkSDezvwSn5_JiwXfGrOiHQHnaOGY0/ …

30 Jul 2016
 Tim Siedell Retweeted
Clearly an emergency conference call about how to use commas. https://twitter.com/kanyewest/status/759436516389117952 …

29 Jul 2016

Triangle gaming peeps take note... https://www.facebook.com/CleverPlayCafe/

28 Jul 2016

LIVE on #Periscope https://www.pscp.tv/w/amlprDE0MzEyOTEyfDFNWXhOellOT1pweHfEkmpzI093UTdIadtl5Qm3B_46nAo4zkn1usVHlgN22g== …

27 Jul 2016

LIVE on #Periscope https://www.pscp.tv/w/amfnsDE0MzEyOTEyfDFrdktwcHFMZ2FtS0WhHdhWpYCiAWQl2gXyjQFULf1EGwd94H9P8odGxx5tuQ== …

23 Jul 2016

.@whichwich @getstealz

20 Jul 2016
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Search for "Pimple Popping Cupcakes." Would you eat these? - @EricaDeLong

10 Jul 2016
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This Week on #Xbox: Red Dead Redemption [M] comes to #BackwardCompatibility, plus more at http://xbx.lv/29rExtw .

7 Jul 2016

Deserving of a re-post in the summer months.  https://goo.gl/3hEkrf

7 Jul 2016

Deserving of a re-post in the summer months.

2 Jul 2016

Flying Burrito lunch @OFBRaleigh @getstealz

27 Jun 2016

I've just entered to win an HTC Vive and ASUS Desktop from @VRHeadsTweets! https://gleam.io/8beEz/enter-to-win-an-htc-vive-and-asus-gaming-desktop-from-vrheads … #win #contest #vr #htcvive #asus

16 Jun 2016

One step at a time for #SeaOfThieves Next step closed beta, follow our channels to keep up to date with when and how to get involved! Pls RT

13 Jun 2016

Just saw @Joe_Gatto from Impractical Jokers walk by at Minneapolis/St. Paul airport. How fun!  The kids would have died.

9 Jun 2016

Fallout 4 is Free on Xbox Live via Xbox One System Store too. Just got the Digital Deluxe version for Free.

7 Jun 2016

So I, begrudgingly, fought my way to the end of season 4 of Arrow. It's unwatchable. With any tv justice it will… https://goo.gl/ve5hcD

7 Jun 2016

So I, begrudgingly, fought my way to the end of season 4 of Arrow. It's unwatchable. With any tv justice it will not be renewed for a fifth.

2 Jun 2016

Killian Skateboard Pic = Artsy Killian took his first intentionally artistic photo to my knowledge and it came out… https://goo.gl/TBgDf6

31 May 2016

Killian's 6th Grade Band Concert - Spring Here are the videos from Killian's Spring band concert from May, 2016. … https://goo.gl/X0vw6h

27 May 2016

.@whichwich @getstealz

24 Apr 2016

Win a Shotgun Betty t-shirt! http://bit.ly/1TrtIJs

30 Mar 2016

Next week, Rock Band 4's update will feature Setlists! Get to know the ins and outs with our latest blog post:

2 Apr 2016

.@HibernianPub @getstealz

31 Mar 2016

Witness the new World Record in Carcassonne Tile puzzle. This took place at +GothCon this weekend. I don't… https://goo.gl/EYjLRS

31 Mar 2016


17 Mar 2016

17 Mar 2016

Earned this card in MtG: Puzzle Quest. I'm sure that's a thumb but I'm going to have to call shenanigans on the art.

 13 Mar 2016

Spent the better part of the weekend helping New York with The Division. Really enjoying the game.… https://goo.gl/Ok88C5

13 Mar 2016

Spent the better part of the weekend helping New York with The Division. Really enjoying the game. http://www.metacritic.com/game/xbox-one/tom-clancys-the-division …

10 Mar 2016

What more does Captain America need to do, exactly, before he's promoted to Major?

9 Mar 2016

If Trump names the bacon crust deep dish pizza from Little Caesars as his running mate, there will be no stopping him.

9 Mar 2016

RT to win a custom @TheDivisionGame skinned console. #DivisionSweepstakes [US Only] R&Rs: http://ubi.li/uze3v

6 Mar 2016

.@tacobell @getstealz

6 Mar 2016

News story mentions something 115 years old. Mind immediately starts calculation to figure out which 18xx year that is. 19xx? Feeling old.

5 Mar 2016

Apparently Twitter accounts can sometimes contain surprise tweets. That was a doozy.

5 Mar 2016

EA Access 12 Month Subscription $23.99 via Newegg w/ Code: EMCEHEJ43 . http://ow.ly/Z6B3M

27 Feb 2016

Sharing a beer with the in-laws. 😄 @LoneriderBeer @getstealz

15 Feb 2016

What will you do with the extra hours that #LeapDay brings?

26 Feb 2016

Some great advice in those pharmaceutical ads:  "Don't take X if you are allergic to X."

23 Feb 2016

Just pre-ordered The Division for XB1 via Best Buy for $47.99 thanks to Gamers Club Unlocked.  Also got a $10 rewards cert.  Anyone else?

23 Feb 2016
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How many views did your last Tweet receive? Find out with Twitter Analytics. https://cards.twitter.com/cards/qfd4kp/u2gr …

23 Feb 2016

Noticed something comical and simultaneous disheveling in a meeting today. "We've hired" sounds eerily similar to "We fired" when spoken.

20 Feb 2016

Fun discovery of re-issues at a local skate shop today. @ Vertical Urge https://www.instagram.com/p/BCBRIkosQwHXgfvP7klTXZDONU2vIdSdj7RJmQ0/ …

17 Feb 2016

LIVE on #Periscope: The Flash https://www.pscp.tv/w/aZUR2DE0MzEyOTEyfDFZcXhvUHdqenlOS3aSp2acRv5ZMeYzb7dUMr38dtr8YMSJVszdLk9VDtJJaA== …

12 Feb 2016

Just had my a$$ handed to me by my wife in 7 Wonders Duel.

31 Jan 2016

World of Yo Ho #whoseturn @ Hilton Garden Inn Raleigh-Cary https://www.instagram.com/p/BBN3H8EMQyGUkwFWFdC2Rn61S5b5VEcRB4tBXg0/ …

31 Jan 2016

XCOM #whoseturn @ Hilton Garden Inn Raleigh-Cary https://www.instagram.com/p/BBMVStMsQ5KpiEaHsVnLZ6so8xBkXqrD-1Oh1U0/ …

30 Jan 2016

Aqua Sphere #whoseturn @ Hilton Garden Inn Raleigh-Cary https://www.instagram.com/p/BBLtrZ5MQyNRxHC0zE_07Bgf2PAFmWb0L-uSQY0/ …

30 Jan 2016

Pandemic #whoseturn @ Hilton Garden Inn Raleigh-Cary https://www.instagram.com/p/BBLnPOcMQ1taFxNnXP7PL0uTBHJQ9Y4AZStBUc0/ …

30 Jan 2016

Fuse #whoseturn @ Hilton Garden Inn Raleigh-Cary https://www.instagram.com/p/BBLY9YUMQzPnTb44fp_DQC3-z0CoZic-Nc9vyM0/ …

30 Jan 2016

Super Motherload #whoseturn @ Hilton Garden Inn Raleigh-Cary https://www.instagram.com/p/BBLAR8bMQ5birqQAf6vyjJ9hJdns6advg886pQ0/ …

29 Jan 2016

Rattlebones #whoseturn https://www.instagram.com/p/BBJIeaMsQxbzPS-VW_MAjuIJNjRMwQo3yCBZ-Q0/ …

29 Jan 2016

LIVE on #Periscope: Rattlebones #whoseturn https://www.pscp.tv/w/aXv0FzE0MzEyOTEyfDF5TkdhRHFQYVJuS2prpa37IDJ2Tzzc7EwwwMZszAcnQEA_RWiIBfX21VmVjg== …

29 Jan 2016

LIVE on #Periscope https://www.pscp.tv/w/aXvz5jE0MzEyOTEyfDFSREdsQlpZQW5EeExQMk75igRYPQyrR_S5AGzm1g-fcGseZMEJI-5t-IMI3A== …

29 Jan 2016

Steam Time #whoseturn @ Hilton Garden Inn Raleigh-Cary https://www.instagram.com/p/BBI1VLcMQ8__ya1Q5Wdik3YZ2h3vFlLZCO08mg0/ …

29 Jan 2016

Abyss #whoseturn https://www.instagram.com/p/BBIeSF5MQwnI1_MT4jRo0BrRj8Bsi7cSaU0LJw0/ …

28 Jan 2016

7 Wonders Duel #whoseturn @ Hilton Garden Inn Raleigh-Cary https://www.instagram.com/p/BBG-pxUMQ9DI5yH7QKb5GzDLz-63wdDCbGNQSk0/ …

28 Jan 2016

Race for the Galaxy #whoseturn @ Hilton Garden Inn Raleigh-Cary https://www.instagram.com/p/BBG1bkbsQ953IpLgra3YduOSE5GR9FMpNZQ94g0/ …

28 Jan 2016

Between Two Cities #whoseturn https://boardgamegeek.com/geeksearch.php?action=search&objecttype=boardgame&q=between+two+cities&B1=Go …

28 Jan 2016

Whose Turn game #1 = Tumult Royale #whoseturn https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/180591/tumult-royale …

28 Jan 2016

Dinner before #whoseturn!

16 Jan 2016

Amazing how long a car buying experience can take even when you walk in the door with money in hand ready to just buy & go.

17 Dec 2015

Picked up one of these after years on the original Foreman grill. Loving the removable ceramic plates for cleaning… https://goo.gl/1kuD4y

14 Dec 2015

Arrow has been super lame for about a season. On the contrary, The Flash remains pretty entertaining.  https://goo.gl/z5k2O9

14 Dec 2015

Arrow has been super lame for about a season. On the contrary, The Flash remains pretty entertaining.

12 Dec 2015

Killian & Matt Murphy Bells/Keys duet

11 Dec 2015

Played Quarriors with Emily.

11 Dec 2015

Played Splendor with Emily.

11 Dec 2015

Found this on a new article of adult sized clothing this morning. Made me smile.  https://goo.gl/Ii7iBj

11 Dec 2015

Found this on a new article of adult sized clothing this morning.… https://www.instagram.com/p/_J1R-sMQ7xrzcPN30AXvxFmcHVekQywOyK0Jc0/ …

6 Dec 2015

Really enjoyed watching the Canes beat the Canadiens tonight.  https://goo.gl/FF8Ohi

6 Dec 2015

Really enjoyed watching the Canes beat the Canadiens tonight. @ PNC… https://www.instagram.com/p/-8CxxnMQ9pTpp0Ejgbq-Y2N5jg2CzojCJOsWM0/ …

6 Dec 2015

Really enjoyed watching the Canes beat the Canadiens tonight. @ PNC… https://www.instagram.com/p/-8CmGYMQ9UsTxUycAqGiGQdU1FsfgN576i9M40/ …

28 Nov 2015

Emily & Killian engaged in competition at J's in Lima, OH.  https://goo.gl/ZFVU42

28 Nov 2015

Emily & Killian engaged in competition at J's in Lima, OH. @ J's Shawnee https://instagram.com/p/-pWPpEsQ7LUYaBhz6-HqbIQDt0DsFREk9p-d40/ …

28 Nov 2015

Voluntarily a fan... I promise. 😉. Enjoying the game with Emily and fam in Lima (not Peru). https://goo.gl/NbMKP9

27 Nov 2015

A reminder. Be safe and vigilant this holiday season.  https://goo.gl/M8LlvB

18 Nov 2015

Nice. I want them.  https://goo.gl/kA66ar

24 Oct 2015

After baseball lunch.  @MiltonsPizza @getstealz

23 Oct 2015

DPAC is a little too close to d-bag when you're not focused on listening.  http://goo.gl/omh8je  https://goo.gl/ueCldB

23 Oct 2015

DPAC is a little too close to d-bag when you're not focused on listening.  http://www.dpacnc.com/

22 Oct 2015

(PCDD) Overlord $1.24 via Steam. http://ow.ly/TJs9l Translate from Dutch

21 Oct 2015

Watching Back to the Future with the kids. Don't even remember Pepsi Free. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/572942383823296445/ …

10 Oct 2015

.@whichwich @getstealz

8 Oct 2015

If you're having a crappy day... Well here ya go!

27 Sep 2015

Dinner time  @SanJoseTacosTeq @getstealz

25 Sep 2015

LIVE on #Periscope https://www.pscp.tv/w/aNW2PzE0MzEyOTEyfDF5Tnhhb2psUHpRR2qu_3K0xTjwpTjSQoqfDzDUP3CI0jiuEbk3e3wU_NDkPA== …

23 Sep 2015

I triumphed over Citizen Dawn in #SentinelsGame

22 Sep 2015

Sixth Graders Our boys are middle school kids now and here are their official Fall photos.  Look at that pair of… https://goo.gl/8qmwpp

20 Sep 2015

Final game of the convention: Tokaido https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/123540/tokaido … #tbgt

20 Sep 2015

Time for Sentinels of the Multiverse again. I'm buying this one. #tbgt

20 Sep 2015

LIVE on #Periscope: Rattlebones https://www.pscp.tv/w/aM7zFDE0MzEyOTEyfDFkakdYQmV2Z2JOeFq3hrXcv5hFwuvPdMW0GQ9iGWlXQ6LIhbMbwAR6TQZNbQ== …

20 Sep 2015

https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/150146/rattlebones … #tbgt

20 Sep 2015

Last day game 1 = Istanbul https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/148949/istanbul … #tbgt

20 Sep 2015

Heh. Six years later it is now a five day event with nearly 250 attendees. #tbgt http://timehop.com/c/ff:10204942454821356_1253786185018:10204942454821356:9396330:87951 …

20 Sep 2015

Sentinels of the Multiverse again. Liking this one. #tbgt

19 Sep 2015

Lords of Xidit https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/156566/lords-xidit … #tbgt

19 Sep 2015

Dinner! @whichwich @getstealz

19 Sep 2015

Sentinels of the Multiverse https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/102652/sentinels-multiverse … #tbgt

19 Sep 2015

Rounded out the night with a game of Taboo where I learned that grim reaper = sad farmer. #tbgt

19 Sep 2015

Istanbul https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/148949/istanbul … #tbgt

18 Sep 2015

Group Trivia followed by Codenames. #tbgt

18 Sep 2015

Good Cop Bad Cop… https://instagram.com/p/7yPPsPMQ1ZLKNmwnOF6SSm3kXE28nwOKPLVoo0/ …

18 Sep 2015

Subdivision https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/155173/subdivision … #tbgt https://instagram.com/p/7yAiEUMQ5PwcBswLO4xkKbl6pN_TqU9V87_580/ …

18 Sep 2015

Nevermore again. I enjoy this one. #tbgt

17 Sep 2015

Nefarious https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/108044/nefarious … #tbgt https://instagram.com/p/7vtCrhMQ4olgX-Wkges5EIjBwDFYC61FMDUVo0/ …

17 Sep 2015

Spike https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/165876/spike … #tbgt https://instagram.com/p/7vdwissQ56j6sXBBmxstEwn3tBkPBO2O9vXvg0/ …

17 Sep 2015

Day 2 (officially) game 1 = Steam Rally again. Woohoo!

16 Sep 2015

Dimension #tbgt https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/153318/dimension … @… https://instagram.com/p/7t2CNrMQ-OWLmI6GJacyFTXJ1ni1wtpPANmIg0/ …

16 Sep 2015

Steampunk Rally #tbgt @ Hampton Inn and Suites Brier Creek https://instagram.com/p/7s7UeSsQxqVkgS4vQbQ_UZM_4OZSNFfJGANjs0/ …

16 Sep 2015

Another game each of Spellcaster and Nevermore.  #tbgt

16 Sep 2015

Day 2, game 1 - Spellcaster https://instagram.com/p/7sm5PxMQ7Ksfzq2t1yg8bauYBZFUwe8_yCO5k0/ …

15 Sep 2015

Kicking off TBGT one night early style. https://instagram.com/p/7rN_E4sQ2rDYbPs1oz96JIwAVPuY3KxQxagyU0/ …

14 Sep 2015

Just finished the series Weeds. Some rough seasons in the middle there but great start and decent finish. Glad we stuck it out. 3 stars.

13 Sep 2015

.@whichwich @getstealz

4 Sep 2015

Apparently wet floors make people dance here.

1 Sep 2015

It's school fundraising time for our new middle schoolers.  The donations for this one go directly to technology… https://goo.gl/VsIOYM

30 Aug 2015

RT for a chance to win. #JumpAhead #XboxSweepstakes NoPurchNec.Ends8/31.Rules: http://bit.ly/1MoniJV

15 Aug 2015

.@whichwich @getstealz

15 Aug 2015

#getstealz @LoneriderBeer @getstealz

8 Aug 2015

.@LoneriderBeer @getstealz

4 Aug 2015

Woohoo!  Speed and a free T! https://goo.gl/On8HAO

2 Aug 2015

.@LoneriderBeer @getstealz

1 Aug 2015

.@LoneriderBeer @getstealz

26 Jul 2015
  Retweeted brandon roe
So thankful to finally get some resolution on this!  Thanks to @MrBaroe. added,
brandon roe

Replying to
 When I went looking for this it sent me here.   #childhoodmemories http://youtu.be/SWgqgQs1VS4

23 Jul 2015

My Geocaching Finds To Date Doing some quick research, here's a map of my 327 geocache finds to date. Definitely a… https://goo.gl/bAW6w4

12 Jul 2015

Dinnertime! @OFBRaleigh @getstealz

3 Jul 2015

Closer. https://instagram.com/p/4sBvXAMQ2E/

3 Jul 2015

Beautified wall. https://instagram.com/p/4sBf4MMQ1i/

30 Jun 2015

I think one of the new lesbians in season 3 of Orange is the New Black is the kid from Two and a Half Men.

27 Jun 2015

Somebody has new living room mantle decor... https://instagram.com/p/4cqmDhsQ01/

27 Jun 2015

Ran across a collection of my old decks in the attic. Fond memories... https://instagram.com/p/4cpsoasQyu/

25 Jun 2015

Happy birthday to Emily. Section 100 Row C Seat 10!  #DurhamBulls

25 Jun 2015

Still enduring rain delay at Durham Bulls game. 1.5 hours so far...

22 Jun 2015

Dinner! @OFBRaleigh @getStealz

19 Jun 2015

Rock Band 4 preorder placed.  Can't wait!

15 Jun 2015

Get ready to play your #Xbox360 games on #XboxOne. #XboxE3

11 Jun 2015

Heard from other patron exiting Mad Max movie:  "My favorite part was when that thing exploded."  Oh yeah, mine too.

2 Jun 2015

Killian & Colin's 5th grade graduation day. Everyone says it about their own kids but amazing much time has passed. Proud dad alert.

29 May 2015

"... let it mellow." applies to none of the toilets in my life and should apply to no public toilets ever.

8 May 2015

How come you never told me about Google Feud?

1 May 2015


29 Apr 2015

Surfer dude: "Chewbacca, bra'"
Puerto Rican:  "Chupacabra". Coincidence?  Hmm...

29 Apr 2015

I think it's funny that the word "computerized" is still in use outside of satirical context.

15 Apr 2015

"If you like farts, you will love Chris Pratt Parks and Recreation Bloopers"

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VSNuZEdYrH0 …

9 Apr 2015

That's a lot of cod. http://fivethirtyeight.com/datalab/dwayne-the-rock-johnson-eats-about-821-pounds-of-cod-per-year/ …

7 Apr 2015

I just can't imagine anything named King Leo choosing to align itself with something called "soft peppermint puffs".

6 Apr 2015

Finished South Park:TSOT last night. As a SP fan, I enjoyed every bit of it. Truly a well earned M rating though. Not safe for the wee ones.

6 Apr 2015

Spring Baseball Begins for Killian Killian partook in his first minor league baseball game (with kids pitching) on… http://goo.gl/4K98DY

2 Apr 2015

Killian just scored his 1st little league run!

31 Mar 2015

Captain Chuck-a-Muck's Ship Store and Grill While on a trip to VA, we discovered via Foursquare a restaurant named… http://goo.gl/G1OjAl

29 Mar 2015

"Fantastic service along with a great ambience and good food. What more c..." Foursquare Tip @ Captain Chuck-a-Mucks http://4sq.com/1Di32WE

23 Mar 2015

I find it interesting that the words "unite" and "untie" are differentiated only by the transposition of two letters.

22 Mar 2015

Equally bizarre 5 years later.  http://timehop.com/c/t:10901404506:3592321:9396330:f49c8 …

17 Mar 2015

Pretty entertaining skateboarding... Gou Miyagi: https://youtu.be/pk8dy4NIzBU  via @YouTube

15 Mar 2015

Thanks, Google+. That's a very confusing percentage you're showing me there.  http://goo.gl/vseiVi

15 Mar 2015

Thanks, Google+. That's a very confusing percentage you're showing me there.

5 Mar 2015

One of my Christmas gifts has finally been hung. Thanks, Emily! https://instagram.com/p/z3lM-GMQzA/

4 Mar 2015

A huge thank you to Ms. Rickman for her hard work and dedication!!

4 Mar 2015

Surprising discovery today.  The UPS video for a large box shows someone packing Cards Against Humanity.  http://tinyurl.com/7w6d3ul

2 Mar 2015

Food for points.  @whichwich @getStealz

27 Feb 2015

Funny line from Anchorman 2: "I can always guess how many jellybeans are in a jar even if I'm wrong."

26 Feb 2015

Midnight photo countdown to wedding, 9 days. Come on weather, play along.

22 Feb 2015

Killian just taught me Superfight! which came in his Loot Crate this month. Not bad.  Very light and social. http://www.superfightgame.com

22 Feb 2015

Tried and failed to endure The Expendables last night. Wow, that was surprisingly bad even for a movie I expected to be bad.

8 Feb 2015

Last game of the event for me:  Lord of the Rings Deck-Building  Game. #whoseturn http://instagram.com/p/y3C_-AMQ6W/

8 Feb 2015

Pandemic Contagion #whoseturn http://instagram.com/p/y2z6ELsQ-Z/

8 Feb 2015

Rolling for the Galaxy again.  #whoseturn http://instagram.com/p/y2saQPsQ8_/

8 Feb 2015

X-wing #whoseturn http://instagram.com/p/y2k3NzMQ9L/

7 Feb 2015

XCOM: The Board Game #whoseturn http://instagram.com/p/y08KoyMQ2f/

7 Feb 2015

King of New York #whoseturn http://instagram.com/p/y0Wea0MQ0M/

7 Feb 2015

Roll for the Galaxy #whoseturn http://instagram.com/p/y0NZygMQyr/

6 Feb 2015

Updated 2015 Visio stencils and icons set for VMware vSphere & end user computing. Please RT! http://bit.ly/1CB6I4H

5 Feb 2015

Imperial Settlers in action. #whoseturn http://instagram.com/p/yvbU2ksQz_/

5 Feb 2015

Imperial Settlers - game number 1. #whoseturn

1 Feb 2015

Pretty sure Emily putting up with me makes her a Paulbearer.

24 Jan 2015

Just posted a photo http://instagram.com/p/yPvH2RMQ0_/

19 Jan 2015

Interesting and funny info on the song Closing Time from the writer.  Check it out. http://youtu.be/niz9FtJIB2Y

8 Jan 2015

I feel that I underutilize the semicolon.

3 Jan 2015

The joys of bladder stone surgery recovery. http://instagram.com/p/xZdBqVsQ10/

31 Dec 2014

NYE 2014 http://instagram.com/p/xS5qXdsQ6l/

26 Dec 2014

A little too warm for this today.  http://timehop.com/c/ftp:1804909642168:10204942454821356:9396330:840eb …

24 Dec 2014

I'm going to miss this. This year is the first where I think his belief has shaken.  http://timehop.com/c/fl:114710401982103:10204942454821356:9396330:7a885 …

19 Dec 2014

No less bizarre now than it was then.  http://timehop.com/c/t:1067858417:3592321:9396330:e5713 …

18 Dec 2014

Just played a game of Stop Thief! with Emily & Colin. 10 year old = victorious. Credit to him. http://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/1992/stop-thief …

17 Dec 2014

Yeah, that's pretty awful.

15 Dec 2014

And in steps Dragons Age: Inquisition to take its place.  http://timehop.com/c/t:147429528212488192:3592321:9396330:b9f20 …

14 Dec 2014

😊 http://timehop.com/c/fup:1078885052599:10204942454821356:9396330:e75d8 …

29 Nov 2014

I did not know this was a thing.

27 Nov 2014

I posted this a year ago and it made me smile again today.  http://timehop.com/c/fl:10202641523099501:10204942454821356:9396330:79862 …

26 Nov 2014

The grammar Nazi in me struggles with that first point.

26 Nov 2014

Feeling boxy. http://instagram.com/p/v4dHIFMQ5E/

25 Nov 2014

Still holds up. Check it out if you never have.  http://timehop.com/c/t:1023427090:3592321:9396330:c816c …

23 Nov 2014

Ouch, my artery. The Hail Mary, in particular.

23 Nov 2014

I'm late seeing it but Captain America: Winter Soldier was really good.

22 Nov 2014

Heheh. Made me smile. Almost giggle even. -- How to Tell if You’re Turnt Up or Turned Down | Man Repeller http://www.manrepeller.com/2014/05/turnt-up-turned-down-a-guide.html …

21 Nov 2014

Watching Capt America Winter Soldier for the 1st time. Robert Redford's skin is a scary thing.

19 Nov 2014

New!  Severed Fingers in a Can

17 Nov 2014

Completed 1st ever toilet wax ring replacement at age 44. Thankful for YouTube & Lowes employees for this successful endeavor.

15 Nov 2014

Kids are taking advantage of earlier dark days with some neighborhood hide and seek. #memories

13 Nov 2014

Just wanted to pass along a great 1st experience selling Em's iPhone 5 to Gazelle.  Recommended if you have a need.  https://m.gazelle.com/

13 Nov 2014

What?!? Even I don't remember this 6 years ago.  http://t.imehop.com/1wWRmU5

8 Nov 2014

Umm... Eww?

5 Nov 2014

Turns out to be a rant for Leesville Rd just tires. They've earned my condemnation. Blog post with details to follow.

3 Nov 2014

Raleigh folk, a rant or praise for Just Tires on Leesville Road is building. Leaning toward rant at this point. Stay tuned.

1 Nov 2014

Heh. Forgot about this.  http://timehop.com/c/t:5350252485:3592321:9396330:7e5f0 …

27 Oct 2014

A monstrous smiling pair. http://instagram.com/p/uq9W1sMQwj/

27 Oct 2014

Halloween face paint for Killian. http://instagram.com/p/uq9MFasQwT/

27 Oct 2014

Glad to see this has changed over the past 6 years... well, maybe not so much. :-/ http://timehop.com/c/t:978478192:3592321:9396330:5ee4b …

26 Oct 2014

 good memories. :) http://timehop.com/c/t:5184177090:3592321:9396330:9e301 …

23 Oct 2014

Good memory. :) Thanks to TJ and Rob for those.  http://timehop.com/c/t:28547814982:3592321:9396330:03cc1 …

20 Oct 2014

Had my first run in with a Rainbow Goblin in Diablo III today. Bizarre.
https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=F044D1177EF8F808!120&authkey=!AKbHrnu3JOM%24&ithint=folder%2c …

19 Oct 2014

Installing Yosemite. Let's see what this is like.

19 Oct 2014

Happily introduced the kids to Dumb and Dumber tonight.  Lucky guys got it 14 years younger than I did.  It was a fun time.  :)

17 Oct 2014

http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=rorUSjaMsPA …


15 Oct 2014

Forza Horizon 2 for XB1. Fun times. http://www.metacritic.com/game/xbox-one/forza-horizon-2 …

15 Oct 2014

Eww!  Don't know if I needed this memory from 6 years ago. 😄 http://timehop.com/c/t:961469220:3592321:9396330:56d29 …

13 Oct 2014

Killian made the character wall at his school for Respect.  Proud dad here.  (crocodile is school mascot)

13 Oct 2014

I will remember this time as BRCS (before rotator cuff surgery).  http://timehop.com/c/t:27306407600:3592321:9396330:04fc6 …

3 Oct 2014

2014 Halloween costume selections. http://instagram.com/p/ttRAutsQ3e/

30 Sep 2014

Got the kids geared up for lacrosse tonight. Not an inexpensive sport.

27 Sep 2014

Killian fell and got hurt at Busch Gardens. Considering legal action.  Just kidding. Zombie infection… http://instagram.com/p/tc6J0QsQxJ/

27 Sep 2014

I am a non-fan of cinnamon as a flavor in toothpaste or chewing gum. Bleh.

26 Sep 2014

Thumbs up to Busch Gardens Howl-o-Scream. That's a good time.

26 Sep 2014

Howl-o-scream time!...

19 Sep 2014

Waited in line for 12 hours to get these #iPhone6Plus pants. #earlyadopter

18 Sep 2014

Very unhappily said goodbye to Shamu tonight.  She gave us 18 great years.

16 Sep 2014

Random observation:  Just noticed that "stable" and "stale" differ by only one letter.

13 Sep 2014

Splendor again. I like it. #tbgt

13 Sep 2014

Eminent Domain #tbgt

13 Sep 2014

Giant Takenoko. #tbgt

13 Sep 2014

Trains (how thematic). #tbgt

11 Sep 2014

Quixx #tbgt

11 Sep 2014

Game 1 today = Tokenoko. #tbgt

10 Sep 2014

2nd game was also Splendor. 3rd game... Speculation. #Tbgt

10 Sep 2014

TBGT 11 underway!  First game... Splendor. #Tbgt

30 Aug 2014

Was just victimized by someone paying it forward ahead of us in the McDonalds drive thru. Thank you mysterious stranger!

28 Aug 2014

This would, of course, require that all other urinals be in use at the time.

28 Aug 2014

I have the urge to line up comically close behind someone at a urinal as per a normal queue but lack the urge to be punched or peed upon.

25 Aug 2014

Wow. Really, wow. thrashermag's video http://i.instagram.com/p/sIh1AqvwQk/

19 Aug 2014

Woohoo!  Nerd alert.

16 Aug 2014

Everyone who enters this place makes us happy. Some when they arrive. Some when they leave.

16 Aug 2014

A couple of pretty good signs at Ruckus Pizza...
Men: No shirts, no service
Women:  No shirts, free drinks

8 Aug 2014

Just seeing this.  Wow.  http://qz.com/245763/netflix-now-has-more-subscription-revenue-than-hbo/ …

7 Aug 2014

The haircut that sounds so much naughtier than it is. http://instagram.com/p/rZcpxFsQ3M/

5 Aug 2014

So I saw this on my way into the grocery store today and my mind immediate read it wrong.

5 Aug 2014

Replying to @inakib
“@inakib: China: Billionaire Killed By Champagne Bottle Cork  http://worldnewsdailyreport.com/china-billionaire-killed-by-champagne-bottle-cork/ …” < Crazy

27 Jul 2014

Killian is selling to pay for a class trip to DC.Orders are due 8/6 and the coupon books are $30.  Let me know.  http://tinyurl.com/q6q788p

26 Jul 2014

A little Wooly action at the game. And a signed ball!  #durhambulls http://instagram.com/p/q7yr4KsQ8m/

26 Jul 2014

Superfan at the game. #duhambulls

22 Jul 2014

My Fungus, called GrillFace, just wiped out the world in 866 days! (Plague Inc.) http://s.ndemiccreations.com/plague/i/9f70be075d5191cec3f12c5cfc7ecb636b209d1e …

22 Jul 2014

My Virus, called FunkBack, just wiped out the world in 405 days! (Plague Inc.) http://s.ndemiccreations.com/plague/i/9f70be075d5191cec3f12c5cfc7ecb636b209d1e …

22 Jul 2014

My Bacteria, called AgonEyes, just wiped out the world in 657 days! (Plague Inc.) http://s.ndemiccreations.com/plague/i/9f70be075d5191cec3f12c5cfc7ecb636b209d1e …

20 Jul 2014

Excited to see this. I've really enjoyed the iOS version.

Plague Inc: Evolved - Ndemic Creations http://www.ndemiccreations.com/en/25-plague-inc-evolved …

19 Jul 2014

thrashermag's video http://i.instagram.com/p/qm_LccPwdu/

19 Jul 2014

thrashermag's video http://i.instagram.com/p/qkz86pPwWH/

10 Jul 2014

Just watched Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth. Surprisingly entertaining and worth the watch.

4 Jul 2014

Ugh. Fireworks departure traffic SO ugly.

4 Jul 2014

We're live at RTX! Secure your Titanfall Burn Packs here on Twitter! RT for your chance to win! #RTX #Titanfall

29 Jun 2014

Presumably Chinese characters. Can anyone read this? http://instagram.com/p/p182zdMQ5z/

29 Jun 2014

Bought a bonsai tree from a farm alongside the road in VA. Not the best picture but a pretty neat… http://instagram.com/p/p18sgusQ5d/

27 Jun 2014

Killian's Jam - Deadly Seeking http://youtu.be/hfliy8lJ9_Y

25 Jun 2014

Killian knows no fear when ziplining. http://instagram.com/p/prtO4-sQ9q/

24 Jun 2014

The birthday boy hits the decade mark. http://instagram.com/p/ppZlYtsQxi/

10 Jun 2014

Check out what Killian did last night... http://killianandme.blogspot.com/2014/06/male-patented-baldness.html …

6 Jun 2014

Wow. Just wow. almostskate's video http://i.instagram.com/p/nmDudbxJUf/

24 May 2014

Just got back from ziplining in Asheboro, NC for Colin's 10th birthday. That was pretty frickin' fun.

23 May 2014

Just posted a photo http://instagram.com/p/oVxg0JsQ7V/

23 May 2014

That meeting was not particularly interesting. http://instagram.com/p/oVxUdrMQ7E/

17 May 2014

As a nod to previous movies in the series, Godzilla should have fought a monster called Mothrew Broderick.

April 01, 2018

Room for Balls

Emily and I started ballroom dancing lessons in November of last year so we've been at it for about five months now.  I have to say that it's some of the most enjoyable time we have spent together and that's saying quite a bit.

We have been taking lessons at Fred Astaire Dance Studio from a married couple of instructors fresh from the Ukraine about a year ago, Dimitri and Elena.  I'm sure experiences with this kind of thing vary heavily and I'm quite certain that the instructor can play a heavy role in the enjoyment or misery of it.  Ours have been fantastic.  They are very encouraging, make it fun, and keep us on the track of always improving.  Fortunately, Emily and I seem to be on fairly common ground as far as starting level and progression rate thus far.

We've been to a few dances.  Our first was a New Year's Eve party held by a local Meetup group at a larger ballroom space, Southern Star Ballroom.

In addition to that we have been to another Meetup event at the same facility as well as a couple of practice parties at our teaching studio.  I was pretty nervous at the start of the NYE event but it didn't take long before we joined the dance floor for about half of the songs.  We didn't know some of the dance styles so we sat those out.  We have been learning rumba, foxtrot, waltz, cha cha, tango, East coast swing, salsa and a little bit of Venetian waltz.  I think rumba, foxtrot, and tango are my favorites thus far.

I originally wanted to take swing dance lessons but have really enjoyed most of them.  I'm surprised at how addicting it is.  I look forward to our next event opportunity.  We had been doing two lessons per week but have cut it down to one lesson per week and another day spent practicing what we've already learned.  I think that's going to work out quite well.

I look forward to updating as we progress and maybe share a couple of videos once we're solid enough to show off.  :)

March 23, 2018


I've spent the past week held prisoner at home by the flu.  Suffice it to say "that sucked".  Started feeling pretty tired and crappy at work last Friday.  After work I hit the bed and was pretty much down for the night.  I had a low fever just over 100 degrees.  I didn't even join Emily and the kids for our traditional Friday night dinner out.  Saturday morning and into afternoon I felt pretty much the same.

By Saturday night I was actually feeling pretty good as if I were exiting the Friday rundown so the family went out to dinner and we watched Spider-Man: Homecoming on DVR.  Played a little bit of Rock Band 4 after that and crashed sometime after midnight.  Sunday morning was pretty much the same and I enjoyed a lunch at Wild Wing Cafe with Emily & Rich while the boys were out with other relatives.  Once home from lunch, I played about an hour of video games before I crashed hard.  The fever was back and I felt truly wiped out.  I spent the rest of the night in bed and all of Monday morning and afternoon.  I felt bad enough that I called the doctor's office Monday morning and made an appointment for 3pm.  I dragged myself out of bed and to the doctor's office where I was eventually diagnosed as testing positive for "flu type B".

Side note:  the nurse practitioner (my primary care doctor didn't have any appointments available on Monday) had a crappy bedside manner.  I'm going to officially not recommend her (private message me for name and practice if you're interested).  At one point she recommended that I pick up an inhaler that she prescribed because the flu is "putting down people of all types this time around".  Now, she *may* have been using "putting down" as a way of describing knocking them on their butt and putting them on bed rest for days, but I'm leaning toward her using it as a way of saying "killing".  Not exactly the mindset you want from a person of healing.

Once I got home, I recommitted to bed rest along with a multi-day cocktail of Tamiflu, Flonase, cough suppressant (can't remember the name) all through the rest of that day and the following.  By Wednesday, I had enough energy to work from home for about 2/3 of a work day.  On Thursday, I got through a full workday but I still felt beat up both nights after.  As of today, Friday, I'm finally feeling about 80-85% of myself and had enough energy to get through a full work day.  I'm still going to make an easy night of it but I hate that it's managed to mess with two weekends now.

Emily took good care of me while I was down and out but she's paying for it now as she started showing symptoms on Wednesday night after work. She has been crashed out since then matching my Sunday through Tuesday experience.  On top of feeling sympathy for her discomfort I feel guilty as the source of her infection.  Our common goal at this point:  do our best to prevent spread to the kids.

March 04, 2018

Caching In on my original geocaching hide

I replaced the log in my first geocache hide. I remain enamored by the hobby and find it really neat that others have sought and discovered my tiny treasure. Here is the log that I just replaced (click for larger view).  The first find on it is actually from our wedding day.  Didn't even notice that until I was posting this picture.  The first find ever of the cache was Feb 10, 2013.  A few early pages of the log appear to be missing.  The original cache hide disappeared (along with the original log) somewhere between Oct & Dec 2014.  I replaced it in Jan 2015 and it has been holding strong so far since.